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Quality & Safety Guaranteed

I am Personal Chef Sharon Enger who is passionate about food safety. I have spent my 30 plus years in the food service and food safety business and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Dietetics, allowing me to focus on good nutrition as well as food safety. 

I worked with the elderly in long term care for 15 years where food safety is paramount for good health in an aging population. I have been the Food Safety Manager at a food manufacturer in Seattle, Washington, where I set up and monitored all food safety aspects of the company. 


Importantly, I have 6 years of experience conducting Food Safety Audits for manufacturers all over the United States.  I am licensed, bonded and insured, maintaining a current Food Handler’s Permit and ServSafe Certification.

I will teach you food safety tips and will prepare your meals in the most food safe fashion possible. 

I look forward to working with you and to create a delicious and nutritious food experience.



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